valerie collins
Excellent shrimp! We ordered twice in one week and now the kids are telling me not to bother trying to cook shrimp at home anymore. I'm glad that offer that "stamp this card for free stuff" incentive because at this rate I'll have earned a free lb of crab legs by next weekend.
Sarah DiMarco
We just ate our first meal from Jersey Crab, and we were NOT disappointed! Buttery king crab legs, snow crab legs, shrimp, and scallops came with delicious potatoes and corn. It was a much-needed feast for this family who hasn't been out in a year! We will be back.
Tee Contravo
The seasoning they use for their food is amazing. And the crab meat is so fresh!! I love that every order comes with a plastic apron to protect your clothes as you eat the juiciest seafood ever! And they send a pair of gloves and some tool to help you shell the crab legs. I think the service and the food is great! I will be stuck on this place for awhile. Heading back for my 5th visit today and I've never been disappointed.
Maria Straub
Combo C. Fantastic selection of crab legs, scallops, muscles in butter garlic w potatoes and corn on the cob! Outstanding
Tiffany Shi
This seafood shop, the taste is so delicious, I am an old customer, the boss also sent a drink next time to come.
kevin qiu
Great seafood place to eat, price are fare, food is delicious, stuff are nice to people, I will definitely be back for more , highly recommend this seafood restaurant for local and all travelers!
steven loftis
Very good food ate there twice and I gotta say very satisfyied good staff as well highly recommend